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  • 30 Royal Crest Court, Suite 205
  • Markham, ON L3R 9W8
  • Because Your Dreams are Important

    We'll help You Get There.

    Provident is your Financial GPS. Your Support Team. Your Financial Compass and Navigation System..
    We help you define your Destination, then stay on course to get there safely.
  • Because Family is Everything

    Our Insurance Solutions go Further.

    From Life Insurance to Health & Disability coverage, from Accident to Home & Auto...
    Whether you're planning an active retirement, OR safeguarding a loan Provident can help you.
  • Because you Care about Your Team

    You Must Have the Best Group Plan.

    You've built a solid small to medium sized business. Now let Provident help you
    future-proof your team by strengthening your business with the right group plan.
  • Important Moments & Milestones

    Plan. Execute. Achieve. Celebrate.

    Everyday we help our clients craft plans that will result a lives worthy of every memorable moment.
    Helping you make the most thoughtful decisions for the stages of your life is paramount.
  • Join the Provident Crusade

    We've got many families to Serve.

    Whether you're just starting your career or in need of a change, Provident is a strong partner.
    Find out what makes us a great choice for a successful future together.

Welcome to Provident Financial

We're a group of Wealth Advisors that Put You First. We're a Financial Services Collaboration Community that Places YOU at the center of all we do.

For more than 15 years Provident has helped clients, families and businesses make life better by growing wealth and protecting their lives, businesses and lifestyles. We understand the importance of family milestones and the critical planning involved in making them a reality . We also understand the concerns of running a small to medium sized business, and the factors involved in strengthening it and making it better.

We'll help you achieve success with your financial goals by working hard to earn your trust and providing you the peace of mind every step of the way.

Your Financial Compass & GPS

4 Keys to the Provident Compass

High standards are a given in the financial services industry. The reason is simple. We shepherd peoples lives, their goals, their dreams, as well as unforseen circumstances positive and negative. So discipline and steadiness are important.

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